The Community Lemonade Game

The Community Lemonade Game

On June 30, 2012, I started a game.  It began with a post on the Belmont Shore Patch.  I have copied that post here, to preserve it for my personal posterity.

It's so delicious!
Will you make Lemonade with me?

We’re making Community Lemonade in Long Beach, CA.  Come and make lemonade with us!

“The merit of all things lies in their difficulty.”
― Alexandre DumasThe Three Musketeers

The Gauntlet is the Challenge.

During the course of the Community Lemonade Game, we will be experiencing… enjoying… 100 days of creativity in four projects.  On each day for 25 days, I will be interviewing, experiencing, making, blogging, photographing and recording some creative aspect of Long Beach.  I will take a short break of about a week then I will continue with the next 25 days.  Will it be hard?  YES!!! That’s part of the fun!

There will be several activities open to the public, I anticipate at least once weekly.  Some will have limited supplies, and be simply demonstrations.  Some will enable you to participate.  Activities will be free to participants.


1/ I am on a budget.  Everything I use must be free to me.  Items already purchased by me before June 25th are excepted.

2/ If you have something interesting to offer as materials, please let me know.  I will try to work it in.  Unsolicited donations should be non-hazardous, non-toxic, please!

3/ – Contains a list of items needed.  Items needed wwithin the next 7 days are highlighted.

5/ – Seekers are helping me to find the equipment needed for the game.

6/ – Items to be used within the next 7 days are placed in the Satchel.

7/ – Items for which a use is not yet identified, or that will be used more than 7 days out will be stored in The Barrel.  The Barrel is not inventoried.

8/ “The Makers we Find” – Are you a creative?  Do you have a skill that can be used to share the lemonade?  Let me know.

9/ I have no funds to buy things, but yes, things can be bought.  Perhaps by interested community members, perhaps local businesses that care to show that they are committed to art or to the Long Beach community.  Interested individuals may make small donations at activities but are not required to do so.  People will bring things at small gatherings… or large.

10/ What if I have planned something and there are no materials?  The project will not proceed.  Kids may be disappointed, but I can’t break the rules.  Another project will take its place at the location, or I will go home and make something to blog about.

I think my satchel needs wheels.
The satchel holds things we need just for the day.

11/ Each 25-day project will begin with a making of Community Lemonade.  At a home, a restaurant or community center.  That doesn’t mean that we can only make Community Lemonade at the beginning of a project!  Anyone can make Community Lemonade… Anytime!

12/ Disclosure: At the end of the 25 days, donations received during the fun will be listed, and the project in which they were used will be identified.  Any funds not used for projects will be used as startup funding to establish one or more Makerspaces, if an appropriate space has been found.

The barrel is for the stuff we don’t need right away.

13/ Makerspaces.  If, during the course of this odyssey, one or more makerspaces are found for me to develop, all extra materials gathered will be sorted and distributed to be used in the appropriate makerspace.  If no makerspaces are found, well, I might have to make something with them.

14/ Rule Updates.  These rules will adjust as we experience the game.

Trish Tsoiasue writes as herself about creative and maker topics for the Belmont Shore Patch and as Handmade Penguin for the Handmade Penguin Blog.

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