Experience: Premium Toner Cartridge As Replacement for HP 410A and HP 410X Cartridges?

Experience: Premium Toner Cartridge As Replacement for HP 410A and HP 410X Cartridges?


I purchased an HP MFP M477fnw laserjet printer for $200 off of a social media site called Next Door.  This was several months ago, and I did this because I print flyers for distribution in schools locally, to promote my programs.  I found a link to one on Amazon: Price $399.  There is also a refurbished one for less that I will also provide a link.  It was $240.

I was trying to find a replacement for the printing services that I sometimes use..  These usually run from 5c to 10c a page, which can add up pretty quickly.

Still, I was hesitant to try the off brands.  When I read Amazon reviews, or any reviews – for that matter, I see the one stars, and I will admit- they scare me!



The benefit is mostly financial.  I run a teeny tiny business, and printing costs were destroying my budget.

The printer cartridge price difference for HP vs Off brand Premium Toner is huge!   The off-brand cartridge pack they sent included all colors, so I would be upgrading my prints to color, at a reduced price!

Here are some stats.

HP Prices:
Black-410A (lower yield) $91
Color / cartridge 410A per color $120

Black-410X (higher Yield) $155
Color/cartridge 410X per color $209.

The toner cartridges I ordered were Cool Toner, a 4 pack of the 410X size.  The package included all colors: 4 large cartridges (high yield) $80.79. total.


  • The product could deliver fewer sheets than promised.
  • The product could be imperfectly packaged and spill toner all over the inside of the printer (this would be a big problem).
  • The product quality could be so bad I wouldn’t be able to use it.
  • The product might not fit.
  • The HP printer might not like the toner cartridge (this would be a big problem).
  • The product would take 2 days to arrive, causing a delay in the printing and lost revenue from registrations.

I decided the savings were worth it.


For my purposes, two thumbs up.  Although the print is neither as black or as crisp as the original HP toners, it works for flyers that I will distribute.

I recommend.

Experience Video below:

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