Review: Massager!

Review: Massager!

I must share with you that I’m not a “massage once a week” kind of gal.  I’ve had a couple of good massages, and that’s the extent of my massage story.  Still, when you’re actually sitting in a massage chair – one that has been cooed and oohed over – you think “I should try this”.  So you do!

I sat in the massage chair at my mom’s and had a good kneading with the shiatsu setting.  Now I’d point you at the massage chair, I was in, but I don’t have that info, so I’ll share another massage device with you.

I have it on good authority that this Massage Gun is the most awesome Massage gun AND, it is now available at a 50% discount!  Maybe I can share this with you sometime also!

Massage Gun, Cordless Handheld Deep Tissue & Muscle Massager 5 Speeds Percussion Massage Device Super Quiet (M) 


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