A Funny Car Story

A Funny Car Story

No joke, this really happened.

I was driving the Honda Fit that was left behind after a beloved family member passed away. It’s been fairly low-maintenance, so I didn’t mind too much when the ‘brakes need repairing’ sign went on. It looked like this:

The light that came on looked like this.

I get a little frozen when it comes to selecting car repair locations, so I asked a few people what they would do. Eventually, my brother offered to help me fix it.

So I shopped for all the parts I possibly could need. Front brakes, back brakes, brake grease. I was ready. I went over to his house early in the AM… This was several weeks after the light went on, so it was due. I was thankful to have my brother who might help me save a few dollars.

He said. ‘That’s the low pressure light’. You have a tire pressure monitoring system in this little car? Pretty good.

So we went over to the gas station and filled the tires with air. We then drove it for a few minutes and voila! The light went off!

So if you see the light in the picture above, test the pressure in the tires. You can use a tool such as the one below to try it out.

And thank you, Brother, for being there so I didn’t have to get my brakes changed when I didn’t need them.