Harvesting Compost

Harvesting Compost

I have to say, my son and I have been communing through the garden. It’s lovely! We grow vegetables using plants and seeds and other vegetables. We planted tomatoes (plants), kale (plants), parsley (plant), carrots (seeds) and potatoes (from the store). Carrots grow great from the seed, but be sure your bed is deep enough! I’ll share about that in another post.

He started a compost bin last summer. It was about 2 months old when he had to head off for school. So guess who got the task of managing the compost bin? If you thought it was me… Think again! Thankfully his dad took that task.

However, those bins get full, and no one in the house knew how to harvest the compost.

So all the compost-ready scraps that were collected in the freezer, soon filled it up. We gathered more scraps for composting in plastic spinach containers on the counter as I spent many days not getting enough time to work on the compost harvest.

I finally got to it today, and made a video to share! That video is below, but first I will share with you a few links just in case you are ready to start your own compost bin!

A video of me harvesting the compost.

There are a few things I would do differently! I would just dump it all out into the soil, and fish out the parts that weren’t ready to be soil again. Really! That’s all!