Coronavirus Hysteria

Coronavirus Hysteria

Heaven forbid that I sneeze in public!

It is March 3rd, 2020 and Coronavirus has spread to many corners of the world. I haven’t heard of any cases in this corner (Long Beach), however. I suppose it will get here eventually.

The New York Times reports today: “The coronavirus outbreak has sickened more than 92,100 people, according to official counts. As of Tuesday morning, at least 3,125 people have died, all but 180 in mainland China. “

The Washington Post compares the Coronavirus 19 to other epidemics. SARS had a 10% fatality rate. Symptoms were severe and folks were taken to the hospital quickly. In contrast, Coronavirus symptoms are very much like the ordinary flu. The symptoms are milder, enabling it to spread to a wider audience before being detected. The Coronavirus fatality rate is estimated to be 2.3% according to the Washington Post.

My family reports from Northern California: “Costco is sold out of toilet paper and water here! People are starting to stock up!”

From the Inland Empire in Southern California… “Here too! They had a few cases of water and a few packages of tp. Everyone walking around with masks.”

Also from Southern California. “Also no hand sanitizers at all drugstores and Costco outlets. Clean shelves.”

Darn, I wanted to go get some hand sanitizer for the kids.

Italy was especially badly hit, considering its size. Over 2000 cases!

I’m headed to Costco today and going on a scavenger hunt for hand sanitizer. I wonder what I will find? Photos to follow. I think I’ll also make a mask. Videos to vollow. I love a scavenger hunt and making things.

We’ve been talking about the hysteria that happened on 9-11. I’ll share about that with you another day.