March 13, 2020

We are living through some very strange times as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Folks are stockpiling, particularly bottled water, toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

I work in a community space, and I was stockpiling my storage containers that look a lot like LEGO(R) blocks. I saw there was some hand sanitizer and thought… I should get one, so that the kids can sanitize their hands when they come in.

I went to visit my mom. My sister had heard about my stockpiling of storage containers, as I criss crossed my way up to my mom’s house. She asked me to get some hand sanitizer. I thought it would be easy… not so! What a difference two days makes! No hand sanitizer at four or five stores that I tried. I thought. I think it makes sense for elderly folks to need access to hand sanitizer and a good supply of toilet paper.

As I continued to stockpile my storage containers, I found one store with toilet paper, so purchased two four-packs. I admit it’s low-quality, and I anticipate not very comfortable. Ahem.

I went to Costco a few days ago. It was shortly after opening, and there were LOTS of people there. I was curious, but it was only after I entered that I realized that they were all there to stockpile. The only things that were available were bottled water and flushable wipes. Everyone was picking up their two cases of bottled water and some, their flushable wipes. I bought neither, but if there was toilet paper in stock, I probably would have purchased it, as Costco has better quality toilet paper.

Folks are stockpiling food too! I bought extra rice and beans. I figure as long as there’s water in the faucet, and I can cook with it, we’re solid!