The Connect The Dots Game

The Connect The Dots Game

The dots may be any size, may have any color and the edges may be sharp or they may be fuzzy.

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I play games. One of the games I play is Connect the Dots. It’s named after a speech given by Steve Jobs with which I identify. This game was previously called The Community Lemonade Game (you can read a little about it here), but not everyone understood that name. I’m hoping that you understand the Connect the Dots name.

The way the game works is this:

I make Dots on my life canvas. They are my interests, hobbies and passions.

I add in the dots of the individuals and organizations with which I interact. This includes the Brickersville community. These dots are their interests, hobbies, passions and goals.

I consider ways to connect the dots in a way that is mutually acceptable.

The image that emerges when we connect the dots may not be a picture in the visually real sense, but it is a project, next goal, next task that is mutually acceptable.

That’s it! Thanks to Robert Rasmussen for first sharing with me Steve Jobs’ amazing Stanford Commencement speech.

Squigglemom, Trish Tsoiasue, is a crerativity facilitator and is trained in LEGO Serious Play and Creative Problem Solving.

The current picture is leading to the creation of a multi-national art contest that will provide artists and creatives who enter and learn with us with a project that brings them back to a certain place and time.

That place and time is is the historic Long Beach Pike from 1902 to 1955.

It is also Shoreline Village today.

Stay tuned!