The World Robot Olympiad Version of the Community Lemonade Game

The World Robot Olympiad Version of the Community Lemonade Game

The Gauntlet is the Challenge.

BACKGROUND – On June 30th, 2012, I started playing a game. It played out on the Belmont Shore Patch, which was then a property of America Online and is now a property of a company called Hale Global. My friend Nancy Wride was the editor at the time, and I was helping to bring Community to the Patch with my personal blog. I found that I liked blogging. I like organizing my thoughts on digital form, and blogging is one way I create. Blogging keeps me motivated when I’m doing a big project such as trying to define who I am or seeking a different life path. I started blogging, then sharing through video on a You Tube channel I called Squigglemom. This channel does not have videos with a predictable structure that folks such as PewDiePie produce. I call my style Experiential. It means you see it as I see it. Much to the chagrin of many of my ‘subs’ and random viewers, I talk continuously through my videos. Take it for what it is. I expect to be adding a few videos with more ‘structure’ as I play this game.

THE GAUNTLET – The Community Lemonade Game included several key elements. There was the Gauntlet. It is the challenge we make for ourselves. At the time the challenge was, for 100 days, to do something creative. In person creative sharing, interviews, photos of new friends and the community I was finding through the game. It all played out on the Belmont Shore Patch. You can read that first challenge post about the Community Lemonade Game. I will later share with you more about the challenge and what I found. You may not believe it, but it was sort of like ‘The Lord of the Rings‘. I was Frodo on a grand adventure. I was on a Quest.

THE WORLD ROBOT OLYMPIAD VERSION OF THE COMMUNITY LEMONADE GAME – I would like to tell you about the game I would like to start playing today. Bear with me as I define the game over the next few days or even weeks. It’s part of the fun, and I am visualizing – creating – ideating as I present each post. The gauntlet is to successfully execute the Southern California Qualifier of the World Robot Olympiad. There are many moving parts. Sharing with you will help me to make progress towards my goal. I sure hope I continue playing the game, now that I’m starting it.

HOW I WILL PLAY THE GAME TODAY – Instead of focusing on a single blogging platform for sharing of this game, I will use at least three blogs and two YouTube channels for the delivery: The Belmont Shore Patchmy LinkedIn blog, my personal Squigglemom blog. This has not received much of my attention to date, but I hope that with this game I can refocus a bit on Squigglemom. There are also the Squigglemom YouTube channel and the Makersville YouTube channel. I will start with several posts being done on all of these platforms, but over time the posts will be made on just one or the other of these platforms. The Community Lemonade Game is a scavenger hunt for community on the internet, and there’s no point in placing all the clues everywhere.

BUT I WANT YOU TO PLAY TOO – It’s no fun making a game and only playing by yourself. So if you want to play the game with me, please message me with your blog or video channel and I will find a way to include you. I am a mom of a student in Long Beach, and I serve youth so I’m looking for family friendly community.

IF YOU HAVEN’T YET DONE THIS – I recommend you read the original post about the Community Lemonade Game.

Trish Tsoiasue is a community builder based in Long Beach, California . She builds socially responsible, grassroots communities, has many hobbies and interests, and lots and lots of ideas. She is trained in LEGO(r) Serious Play and the Creative Problem Solving Institute‘s methods of intentional creativity. The two communities she has created and in which she takes most pride are Makersville and ScoutMaker (a prototype community started at Title I, Lincoln Elementary School  through a grant from Honda Research and Development  arranged by the Long Beach BSA ).

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