The Ghosts’ Summer Home in Long Beach, CA

The Ghosts’ Summer Home in Long Beach, CA

I’M PLAYING A GAME – The World Robot Olympiad Version of the Community Lemonade Game. I’ve created myself a challenge to build community around the Southern California Qualifier of the World Robot Olympiad, that will be held by the Robotics Society of Southern California (RSSC). So the Gauntlet… the challenge… is to successfully execute the competition on August 11th, 2018. In my quest for community around the World Robot Olympiad, I have a number of goals: space, equipment, coaches, skills, materials, players.

Today, I take time out from that goal, to share with you about another opportunity for community of a different sort. The Haunting Community.



This coming weekend, the ghastly and the ghostly, the haunted and the haunting will visit us for a summer haunting. A Midsummer Scream, one might say.

I went last year, and it was… a scream!

If you already know you want to go – get your tickets here​.

The Hall of Shadows – In the darkened hall, I was chilled to the bones. I could see many mini-haunts, presented by my Friends and Random Strangers; by those who make haunts and those who host haunts. I think it must be an interview for haunt makers vying for that opportunity to work on the biggest, the most visible. A live interview for the chance to join the family of haunt makers at the Queen Mary and Universal Studios. A haunt maker’s dream.

The Con(vention) – For the rest of us, there are demos of tools and techniques, games, sales of those tools. I became a customer of a few of those vendors at last year’s Midsummer Scream. Folks like Reynolds Advanced Materials for silicon mold making and resin prop making materials. Folks like the Hot Wire Foam Factory which makes tools for sculpting blocks and sheets of styro foam. Maps and tours of ghostly sightings in Long Beach and Orange County. Prop maker displays and the Zombie Shooting Gallery.

I took a few videos last year and was inspired to do more afterwards.

Video of the Zombie Apocalypse Shooting Gallery

Hot Wire Foam Factory tools.

I made Fairy Doors with Reynolds Advanced Materials, an awesome materials store North Hollywood:

I also made Selfies with Reynolds Advanced Materials:

The whole playlist of experiments with Reynolds Advanced Materials.…

Get your tickets here​.

Trish Tsoiasue is a community builder based in Long Beach, California . She builds socially responsible, grassroots communities, has many hobbies and interests, and lots and lots of ideas. She is trained in LEGO(r) Serious Play and the Creative Problem Solving Institute‘s methods of intentional creativity. The communities she has created and in which she takes most pride are the Long Beach LEGO User Group, MakersvilleScoutMaker (a prototype community started at Title I, Lincoln Elementary School through a grant from Honda Research and Development arranged by the Long Beach BSA ). You can find all posts related to this current game on the Squigglemom website.

Will you make lemonade with me?

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